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Window Tinting

Remote Starters

Paint Protection Film



Window tinting for your automobile carries a number of benefits for you and the vehicle itself. Stay UV protected, enhance your security, and look great at the same time.

Remote Starters

Fire up your vehicle’s engine from up to 3000 feet away! We expertly sell and install advanced iDataStart HC products and OEM Solutions.


Paint Protection Film

Our 3M paint protection film is installed by certified technicians and offers a 5 year warranty. Keep your vehicle’s paint job safe from chips and weathering, especially in its most vulnerable surfaces.


Your image is a part of who you are. It’s how you express yourself to the rest of the world and remind others that you are an individual. Why can’t your car be an extension of your unique personality? Why can’t your vehicle tell a little bit about who you are? Enhance your vehicle and your personal image with the best automotive accessories and services found in Barrie and the surrounding area.


At High Tech Tint Plus we not only treat you to top-notch automotive craftsmanship, but we give you the chance to extend your style into the world. Customize your vehicle to your liking at our one-stop-shop for window tinting, remote starters, auto detailing, enhanced audio systems, and much more. All of our in-house installers bring years of experience to each job, leaving you with lower cost and high performance. Our 7000 square foot shop features 14’X14’ doors to accommodate any vehicle. We bring our passion to each and every car, truck, or SUV that comes through those doors!

Tinting For Style, Privacy, and Protection

With 20 years of window tinting experience, our shop specialty and namesake is all things tinting. We provide automotive, residential, and commercial tinting for windows of any size. We only use the best tinting film on all of our jobs, which includes a lifetime warranty against any damage or deterioration. Keep the windows in your vehicle or in your home looking great and UV protected at all times with a perfectly matching tint.

One-Stop Automotive Accessory Shop in Barrie

Since 2013, we have been Barrie’s automotive accessory go-to shop. After 10 years in the automotive industry, our owner and operator, Brad “Tiny” Middel, built High Tech Tint Plus with his wife Susan from the ground up. Brad is an Automotive Electronic Accessory Technician (310K), Expert Tint Installer, Certified 3M Film Installer and a kick ass guy. Brad operates with strong dedication to delivering unparalleled professional, quality services. His favorite aspect of his job is connecting with customers and building relationships.

Brad credits his Team for the company's immediate success saying

"None of this would be possible without their hard work and dedication to the company and our customers. They are top notch people and awesome employees. My wife and I are proud they are all part of the Team!"

Finally! Barrie and area have an all in one source for Window Tinting (Automotive, Residential & Commercial), Automotive Detailing, 3M Paint Protection, Remote Starters & Accessories that provides the best customer experience in the industry.

We have proudly been an active part of the Barrie community supporting various charity events like Gilda's Club, Rock 95 Toy Drive and Fort Mac donations.

Call us today or visit our staff of accessory experts to find out if tinting, paint protection, or a remote starter is right for you.






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