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Automotive Tint

Our automotive tint film blocks 99% of UV rays and has a lifetime warranty.

Tint Your Vehicle’s Windows for Security, Safety, and Style

Tinting your car, truck or SUV’s windows increases your comfort and safety while enhancing the look and image of your vehicle. High Tech Tint Plus's experienced, professional installers provide custom tinting to match the exact shape and dimension of your windows. We only use the best tinting film on all of our tinting jobs. When professionally installed, our film includes a lifetime warranty against cracking, adhesive failure, change of color, delamination, and demetallization.

Window tinting offers a number of benefits directly related to increased UV protection. All of the tinting jobs offered at High Tech Tint Plus provide 99% UV protection. Reduced heat and glare in your vehicle means increased comfort, minimized eye strain, and damage prevention to your upholstery and leather. A more balanced climate while driving makes for a more comfortable experience overall.

Tinting film also provides a layer of structural safety on top of the UV protection. In the event of an accident, your vehicle’s film will hold the glass shard together preventing further injury.


We also provide tinting services for other windows around your house or place of business!


Call us today and find out what kind of tinting is right for you and your vehicle.


Stylish Tinting for Your Vehicle’s Lights

Take your vehicle’s customization to the next level and change the colour of your headlights, fog lights, and taillights. Using Lamin-x protective films, we can enhance your lights to the look and colour of your choice.

Each of these lights can be very costly to the replace, so why not put a decorative protective barrier between your lights and everyday road debris? Make a unique statement while preventing scratches and structural damage.


Auto Tinting Safety & Ontario Law Requirements

Safety is important when considering what shade of tint to use on your vehicle.

Ontario law requires that an officer must be able to clearly see your outline when approaching your vehicle. Vehicle tinting that violates this could result in a $110 traffic ticket. Because of these legal implications, we will not under any circumstances tint your vehicle’s front windows (driver and passenger door windows) in 5% tint (ie. “limo tint”).

Due to personal safety, High Tech Tint Plus also refuses to tint a full front windshield. These are unsafe practices that could have serious consequences as it will make it difficult to properly see while night driving.

Please note: there is no legal restriction on how dark the back windows can be tinted.

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