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Paint Protection Film

With a 5 year warranty, all paint protection film is installed by certified 3M™ installers. Paint |Protection Film protects, from stone chips, weathering, on the most vulnerable surfaces of your vehicle.

An Extra Layer of Protection on the Most Vulnerable Surfaces of Your Vehicle

Just like a window tinting film protects the interior of your vehicle, we also offer paint protection film to protect the exterior of your vehicle. We exclusively use 3M™ Paint Protection Film to protect against stone chips, insect damage, abrasion, and weathering on the more vulnerable exterior surfaces of your vehicle.

This nearly invisible film is most commonly applied to these surfaces of a vehicle:

  • Hood
  • Fenders
  • Bumper
  • Door sills
  • Door cups 
  • Trunk sills
  • Headlights
  • Mirrors
  • Under the gas door

We have specially certified 3M™ installers ready to provide your in-house installation when you need it. There is no need for an external contractor to get in between, which saves you time and money. All our installations come with a 5 year warranty, so you can hit the road without worry.

Call today to discuss paint protection options for your vehicle!

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