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Remote Starters

Starting at only $299, our remote starters are professionally installed by certified licensed installers.

Start Your Engines Before Leaving the House

A remote starter can warm up your engine from anywhere you are, and be ready to go when you are. With up to 3000 ft. of operating range, an iDataStart HC remote starter offers secure and reliable control of your vehicle. Even though the engine is running, your vehicle remains locked and undriveable until you unlock it yourself.

Our licensed 310K Automotive Electronic Accessory technicians can expertly sell and install an iDataStart remote starter solution. Call us now to book your professional remote starter installation at High Tech Tint Plus today

A Simple Starter Solution 

High Tech Tint Plus exclusively installs iDataStart HC remote start systems because we believe in the simplicity and fully integrated benefits they offer. Most remote starter systems require complex interfaces to get around your vehicle’s factory settings, but the iDataStart system is instantly available out-of-the-box for up to 10,000 makes of vehicles from 1989 and up.

For those who prefer to travel light, iDataStart HC also integrates short-range remote start from most factory key fob remotes. Simply press the Lock button on your existing fob 3 times!

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